Welcome to the Template Homestead



We are an intentional community in rural Tennessee that seeks to create a better future through intentions, acts, and deeds, finding new ways forward that are supportive of humanness, purpose, community, kindness and compassion. We embrace the best of what it means to be human, and are champions of our noblest qualities and natures.



One of the projects we currently have underway is Prisma 21, a unique educational program for anyone over the age of 21, which explores practical methods of self-discovery as a guide to personal fulfillment. Prisma 21 also offers retreats designed to meet the specific goals of individuals or groups.



We are also home to the Children’s Garden Path nature programs, which are dedicated to encourage the natural growth patterns of young children, and to provide a warm, caring, safe, natural, and fun ecology with activities designed to support the well being and growth of children.


During the course of the year we are host to numerous educational programs and workshops, exploring the territories of Fear, Forgiveness, Health and Healing, Human Purpose, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Women’s StudiesMeditation, and many more. If you or your group are interested in creating an event into these territories, please let us know.



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The Template Homestead community welcomes visitors for tours and overnight stays for interested parties. Contact us today for schedules and reservations.

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The Homestead provides a special ecology for many activities and events. The property and buildings are available for workshops, meetings, concerts, and fairs. Contact us for more information.


Life in an intentional community requires processes that both foster the growth of the individual on his or her own journey, as well as the promotion of the well being of community goals and interests. We are happy to share our experiences – both struggles and successes – as we guide ourselves into the future.

03 Sep 2015

The Two Ways – Beyond the Known is a 5-day workshop/seminar that will explore insights and wisdom relating to the ways developed and

1755 Ward Road
Decatur, TN 37322 United States
23 Sep 2015

The Great Mother Gathering is a 5-day process that will open up the importance of our connection, as ladies, with the Great Mother. This work will

1755 Ward Road
Decatur, TN 37322 United States

…an association of people who have gathered around the idea of human life as a purposeful,

spiritual arising, out from an ordered and growing universe…