Template Homestead

Investment Opportunities


Welcoming greetings to you from the companions of the Template Homestead in Tennessee.

The vision of this North American Emin project, called the Template Homestead, is first and foremost one of missionized service and new template discovery. As a round-the-clock residential rural ecology, it offers the facility for Emin companions, who so choose, to come help (in their unique way) the spirit of the Emin to grow and flourish, in the way and style that a residential community in this part of the planet offers. 

There are currently about 21 smiling people here, no traffic jams, easy commutes to work, access to the fields of nature just outside, a saltwater pool, year-round stream, and wooded hiking trails.  Plus, the youngsters will likely visit to drop off some cookies or or freshly picked flowers.  You can also arrange for home delivery of farm fresh eggs or yogurt.

There is an investment proposition that may be of interest to you towards supporting the Homestead's growth.

At present, the plan is to add additional housing capacity so that more Companions can move here.  The new housing would be partially funded by existing Homestead funds, and partially funded by a loan(s) from Emin Companions.

If you are inclined to assist in growing this sense of community, below is a broad outline of the proposal:

  • Amount of loan to the Homestead - $55,000

  • Fixed rate interest - 6%

  • Term of note - 15 years

  • Homestead to make monthly payments to the lender of principal and interest

  • No guarantee of early redemption is available as the funds will be invested in housing on the Homestead


This proposition is time sensitive so if this is something you would like to inquire more about, please contact the Homestead at templatehomestead@gmail.com  by April 30th, 2021.


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