A View Into The Life of

The Template Homestead

A View Into the Life of The Template Homestead

artwork by Lise Meijer
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"Far away in the remote, untraveled Tennessee River Valley, nestled snugly between the foothills of the Ancient Smoky Mountains, there is a very special place known as the Template Homestead.  Near the fields of echoes and the hills of future dreams, hidden from most everything coarse and modern, the Homestead is a little known paradise with magical powers.  Everyone who passes through has a story that unfolds during their visit to the land.  Weary travelers are immediately taken by the natural beauty of the surroundings, finding a special peace they have been without for quite some time.  There is certainly a happiness here that feeds the soul, and all who spend time at the Homestead, leave with the promise of "I'll be back" lifted by the vision of the future they are determined to help create, their hearts and minds transformed.  Some never leave...


 Welcome Friends!"   by Given

'Yellow Poplar' by Orin, Rin, and Tan
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