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The Template Homestead, an intentional community, was established in 2003. Its members are inspired and guided by the philosophy of The Emin, which is both a natural way of learning and an association of people who have gathered around the belief that human life is a purposeful, spiritual arising, out from an ordered and growing universe. It is non-denominational and spans a range of faiths.

Our mission is to provide an environment that supports the discovery of each person’s unique possibility and the greater human purpose. Among us are storytellers, craft experts, writers, herbalists, gardeners, computer technicians, dancers, graphic designers, teachers, health and wellness practitioners, counselors, musicians, cooks and animal caregivers. We are happy to engage with visitors in these and other areas should you wish and as time allows.


crop 4.01.21 from the bedroom window 2
8-18-20 New HS Welcome Sign
The Stout Heart of the Yellow FortressRecorded at the Template Homestead
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